This product is for legal use only. Our service is designed to check, restore and synchronization the data of the control units..
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  • Our service is designed to check, restore and synchronization the data of the control units..
    We offers a lot of opportunities to check and eliminate errors in BCM2 module!
    You can upload the dumps from VAG BCM2, EDC/MED17, ELV, Steering and other modules for view and change data free if you registred and have module activation.
    You can check errors in BCM2 dump, manually modify and Save moddifed data FREE. Repair Wrong CRC in dump FREE! (if You have activation).
    If You have BCM2 activation, You can View and Change Data in EDC17/MED17/BCM2 ECU with CRC FIX FREE!
    If You have MED9.x activation MED9.x - View and Change data, immo off + CRC. (FREE!)
    If You have CCM activation, You can View CCM (comfort) immo data and write key manually for start the car! (FREE!)
    If You have PCR2.1 activation, PCR2.1 - You can View and Change data + EEprom CRC. (FREE!)
    If You have DSG activation, Transmission control module DSG, S-Tronic, You can View and change Immo data. (FREE!)
  • We have the Additional payment functions:
    Change BCM2 to other vehicle Old key is will work, Repair ELV error, Repair Steering Deffective error, Repair Ignition Lock and more of other Errors.
    Prepare data for change used ELV, Check and Verify Synchro BCM-ELV-MEDC17
    Clone Immo data or Full Clone EDC17/MED17 ECU! (NEW IMMO6 and 6+ type is availible now for full clone)
    Adaptation used EDC17/MED17 VS BCM2!
    Adaptation used ELV VS BCM2!
    Remove ELV from BCM2 for car!
    BCM2 New Key Programming only by dump, (You need to have the Key Programmer for writing data to key)!
    Support for preparing Dealer Key for New/Erased Key.
    Synchronization MED9.x vs BCM2!
    DSG Synchronization with car + support!
    For our Users work support with help to repair different errors in BCM2.
    ALL VAG MEDC17 CVN FIX! (Payment option)

  • Who has ever faced a problem with:
    02811 - Control Module for Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764)
    00003 - Control Module error
    00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85): Faulty
    00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85): Defective
    on Dash error - Ignition Lock Defective,Visit Workshop
    car no ignition or can't start - knows, how it's easy to check and Repair with our website!

    1: Just Read BCM2 Data First (If You Registred, You can see how to read BCM2/ELV, There)
    2: Just Upload BCM2 Data on HomePage

    3: After upload data, our tool automaticly check CRC and possible errors
    If same erors will be found, You can see Results in message

    4: If You Registred CRC Error can be Repair automaticly Free, need just save data
    Also you can Change different data manually and save changed data Free

    5: If errors about wrong ELV Synch, Ignition data error,
    steering defective, service mode and other errors will found....
    Need Repair BCM Data for work - this option is not Free
    For Repair data you need press "Repair Data button"

    6: Then, you must agree with our terms and conditions

    7: And You can download fixed Dump

    If you have any questions, please -
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