This product is for legal use only. Our service is designed to check, restore and synchronization the data of the control units..
Back / Online VAG Dump Tool - DSG vs BCM2 Synchronization
  BCM2 can be of two types, with/out EEprom.
a. With eeprom you need to read 95320 and Codeflash from NEC70F3239 or NEC70F3380 or NEC70F3381 (must be .bin format)
b. Without eeprom you need to read Dataflash and Codeflash from NEC 70F3381 or NEC 70F3634 (must be .bin format)
1. Click to choose CodFlash + DataFlash or EEprom file from NEC. (must be .bin format)
2. Press "Upload Files"
Please select the model of car for work.
A4(B8), A5, S5, RS5, Q3, Q5
A6(C7), A7, A8(D4), VW Touareg

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