This product is for legal use only. Our service is designed to check, restore and synchronization the data of the control units..

  • PCR2.1 IMMO DATA and CPU ID Decoding only by EEprom
  • PCR2.1 Synchronization with VW Comfort module!
  • ECU PCR2.1 View and Change IMMO data(FREE after activation once)
  • PCR2.1 - Clone immo data+coddings to used PCR2.1(payment module)
  • MED9.1.1 / BCM2 synchronization!
  • MED9.1.1 View and Change Immo Data + CRC
  • 02811 - Control Module for Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764) Error repair!
  • MEDC17 / MED9.1.1 / ELV / BCM2 Synchronization
  • VW Comfort immo data viewer 48 transponder Key programming
  • VW Crafter EZS Immo data viewer
  • 00003 - Control Module error Repair for all version BCM2
  • Ignition lock defective error Repair for all version BCM2
  • 00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85): Defective error Repair for uPD70F3628 DataFlash!
  • VW Crafter EDC17 / EZS Synchronization
  • MED9.x / Audi Q7 EZS synchronization!
  • ELV OFF - Audi A4(B8), A5, Q5, A6(C7), A8(D4)!
  • DSG Transmission module Immo data View and change is availible now!(Need activation once)
  • MEDC17 IMMO6, IMMO6+ Full ECU Clone
  • Audi BCM2 Immo data Viewer/Cloner/Key Programming by dump!
  • SIMOS 6x / Audi Q7 EZS Synchronization!
  • MEDC17 / Audi Q7 EZS synchronization!
  • MEDC17 / VW Crafter EZS synchronization!
  • MEDC17 / VW Comfort module synchronization!
  • MED9.x / VW Comfort module synchronization!
  • 00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85): Defective error Repair for EEprom 95080!
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BCM2 (J393) ECU ELV (J764) Steering Angle Sensor (G85) EZS (J518) Key Programming Transmission module

Comfort ECU Crafter EZS Key Programming

VAG MEDC17 EEprom CRC module


VAG PCR2.1 CVN FIX module

ECU EEprom CRC module MEDC17 CVN module PCR2.1 CVN module

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